Saturday, March 24, 2007

Shayk Abdul-Ghaffar Hasan Rahmaani Returns to Allah, Creator of the Universe

On March 22nd the ummah lost a great scholar of hadeeth. He is Shaykh Abdul-Ghaffar Hasan Rahmaani (Rahimullah). He passed away in the Islamabad, Pakistan May Allah shower
him with His mercy Amen.

Shaykh Abdul-Ghaffar (Rahimullah) has done great work of da'wah for the Ummah. He has taught at Medinah University for some years and produced many students of hadeeth. He is also the father of Shaykh Suhaib Hasan who has written many books including work on Nawawi's collection of Forty Hadith.

Suhaib Hasan Abdul Ghaffar, born in India but brought up and educated in Pakistan. After completing Islamic and Arabic studies (Fadil Arabic, 1960) and English language studies (B.A. 1962), he joined the newly-set-up Islamic University at Madinah, Saudi Arabia for higher studies in the faculty of Sharia. Here he studied under a galaxy of prominent scholars such as Shaykh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, Muhammad Amin al-Shanqiti, Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albani and later his father Shaykh Abdul Ghaffar Hasan. After graduating in 1966, he began his career as a teacher and worker in Islamic Dawa at Nairobi, Kenya on behalf of Darul Ifta. In 1976, he moved to London where he engaged in Islamic Dawa especially through the forum of Al-Quran Society. Currently he is the chairman of Masjid & Madrasah al-Tawhid Trust and Secretary of the Islamic Sharia Council of Great Britain.

Insha'Allah, I request everyone to make dua for this beautiful Shaykh who has benefited Islam and the Muslims in a time where their is a lack of respect for the scholars and the scholars are few.

May Allah bless Ashabul Hadeeth where ever they are. amen

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Affad Shaikh said...

Assalamu alaikum

My grandfather, Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar Hasan, died on Thursday at the age of
94 (in Islamabad). He was a scholar of Hadith and was lecturer of Hadith at
Madina University before he retired. In fact, he was called to Madina when
Sheikh Nasiruddin Albani retired, and so replaced his post. His students
numbered thousands, including my father Sheikh Suhaib Hasan and Sheikh Safar
Al Hawali. It is known that even Sheikh Ibn Baz would sometimes sit in his
classes for his incredible knowledge of hadith.

I went to see him 4 years ago and was amazed at the clarity of his mind and
memory. He advised me to teach students in my own home (as my children were
very young) which is how my Friday study circle came into being.

I had the honour of translating his book "The rights and duties of women in

His funeral took place in Islamabad after Jum' father led the prayer.

May Allah give him Jannah.

The decrease in true scholarship is one of the signs of the final
Day.....Muslims cry when our shuyukh die, but do nothing to learn from them
when they are alive.


I send this out to you guys, while asking you "who's the person or persons who's going to make a serious committment today to replace or out do Shaykh Abdul Gaffar Hasan?"

Abdullah Zikria