Thursday, April 12, 2007

Affad Ranting on the Mockumentary Again

This is my THIRD time ranting about "Obsession: The Mockumentary"

The first time I laid out the facts about who was behind "Obsession" then I took you on a journey on how disHonest Reporting works to manipulate and castigate any and all critics of Israel.

Now I want to share with you some thoughts by disHonest Reporting about "Obsession: The Mockumentary" that you can find in a Minnesota Monitor article:

The film was recently screened near the University of Minnesota campus, according to Tarin and other sources. A group called Minnesotans Against Terrorism, which also helped produce the film, has led the efforts to promote it in the state.

The producer of the film is Raphael Shore, president of, a pro-Israel website. But Gary Kenzer, its national USA executive director, said in an interview from Chicago that his group no longer endorses the film “because it doesn’t fit our mission.”

Kenzer says the film, which was shown on Fox News and CNN Headlines, “pushes the buttons too far.”

He’s not alone. Concordia University in St. Paul has recently canceled a plan to screen the film on campus. Calls seeking comment from the school administration were not returned by Saturday morning.

Kenzer says it does not fit their agenda, huh, I wonder why?

Then it continues into the comments section and you see how dumb some Americans are and you think if they were given a test of some sorts, maybe the one that people applying for Citizenship have to take, would they be able to pass this test and become citizens?

They would be well advised to start publicly denouncing terrorist supporting groups like CAIR.

CAIR, with it's foolish suit against "John doe" airline passengers and continuing support of groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, do nothing but undermine the efforts of muslims that wish to assimilate and prosper in America.

Or things as bad as this:

“Too bad our troops can't kill them fast enough,” said one of the more than 900 comments posted on, which first reported the Target incident. Muslim leaders said comments like this are on the rise, and they are calling it: “Islamophobia.”
You be the judge on whether American Muslims are second class citizens or not?

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