Tuesday, April 10, 2007

American Citizens Hang Bin Laden, All Jews don't hate Muslims

To follow up with the March 31 protest in front of the CAIR Los Angeles office, I want to share with you some video to show the imbiciles that put this thing on in their own words. This includes Ted Hays and Pertilli the founders of United American Committee.

Also the following are excerpts from a Jewish Rabbi attending and speaking at the CAIR banquet in Philly where the Governor of Pennsylvania also dropped by to show the Muslim community his support! What the Rabbi has to say really shows that not all Jews hate Muslims, and not all Muslims hate Jews, its more of a mutual misunderstanding and lack of communication and those are all things we can overcome:

You reported on the attacks on CAIR by one suburban rabbi and by an official of the local chapter of the Zionist Organization of America (a right-wing group) , and in other ways made a major point in the article -- indeed, its pervasive point -- a seeming collision between the Jewish community and CAIR.

Yet somehow, though you interviewed me, you did not see fit to report the fact that I, the director of a national Jewish organization with its offices in Philadelphia, the author of a dozen well-received books on Jewish history and practice, a rabbi described by last week's issue of Newsweek as one of the fifty most influential rabbis in the United States, and one described by the Forward newspaper at the end of 2005 as one of the "Forward Fifty" of most effective and creative Jews (not just rabbis) from the whole country, spoke at the dinner; that my talk came from a deeply Jewishly rooted place and knowledge; that I spoke as a religious Jew committed to Israel, to Palestine, and to peace between them, speaking to religious Muslims who strongly applauded my call for renewed dedication to a peaceful two-state peace settlement and strongly applauded my remarks about the need for each single one of us members of the family of Abraham to feel personally wounded when any member of the family kills another; that my entire talk was very warmly received by the CAIR community.

Nor did you report that in the printed banquet program, which I assume you as a good reporter saw, there was not only a letter from me affirming Congressman Sestak's speaking to a totally legitimate Muslim group, but also a letter from the rabbi of an important Philadelphia synagogue, Rabbi Jeff Sultar of Mishkan Shalom, strongly supporting CAIR's work.

Why did you not report any of these facts?

You barely mentioned the warm and warmly received speech by Governor Rendell, who is himself Jewish and has excellent relations with both the Jewish and Muslim communities in Philadelphia.

The impact of your report was to give the false impression that "the Jewish community" condemns CAIR and the Congressman for speaking, because you did not bother to report other Jewjsh opinions. Nor did you make any effort to ascertain and report that in fact CAIR speaks out strongly against terrorist attacks by Muslims, while you reported the utterly uncorroborated assertions by two local Jews that CAIR "has connections to terrorists."

This kind of reporting encourages these McCarthyist assertions. It gives credence to lies. Good reporting should tell the whole story, not a one-sided version of it.

Finally Joe Kaufman- the picture says it all!

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