Monday, April 16, 2007

BLIND Snowboarder

From Adil Latif (he found me on the MSA West email network, and is friends with some of the individuals I had the opportunity to meet thru my work with MSA West):

Imagine being taken up in a helicopter and dropped off on top of a snow covered Glacier. snowboarding down this glacier at speeds up to 40mph, avoiding the many dangers such as crevasses (large cracks in the ice) cliffs, and praying there will be no avalanches.


My name is Adil, and I am planning to perform the above challenge. I was born with a degenerative eye condition which resulted in my eyesight slowly worsening from the age of 14, and now at 25 I am 96% blind.

So Why Are you Doing This Adil?
I am asking people to sponsor me for the above challenge, so that I can raise £14,000 which is enough money to transform 10 buildings into schools in the region where the Asian earthquake took place in 2005. Most schools were destroyed. The children have to get back into school to ensure they can become productive members of society. More importantly the schools will provide the children trauma support to assist them in overcoming any psychological stress they have suffered from as a result of losing their loved ones. Your support will help 300 children have a better future. It will also provide me with the necessary motivation to carry out this snowboarding challenge, as it has never been done before by someone who is blind!

So how do I know you aren't just making all this up Adil?
If you Google the term 'blind snowboarder' you will come up with many news articles, one of them is included below.
BBC News Article (slightly out of date): BBC News

So How Can I Help Adil?
1. Pray that my snowboarding ability is up for the challenge by the end of this month!
2. Help me raise my target of 14,000 which will equip 10 schools.

To make an online donation and to see how much I've raised already please visit: Just Giving

Visit my blog, and read about how someone who is blind is able to learn snowboarding you can visit: Feel the Edge

With so many demands on your pocket and time I really appreciate any form of help you can provide. As a wee gesture from my end, everybody who donates will be entered into a prize draw.


Affad Shaikh said...

Wow, this is something. However, these are pounds that are being collected, how exactly would people in the US donate?

Angie Ellaboudy said...

wow. barak Allahu fih thats amazing!!

NA said...

masha'Allah there are a lot of muslim snowboarders.

there's even a movie about them.

Adi said...

thanks for the kind comments guys and Zahra thanks for the post. Its really lovely reading people's enthusiasm towards the project. Please pray that I am good enough by the end of the month with regards to my snowboarding ability and please make a donation if you can to help me reach my fundraising target! I've had some friends from the States make donations on the website. if you have any problems you can send a cheque (check) payable to Action Aid and send to:
blind Snowboarder Project, ActionAid UK Head office
Hamlyn House, Macdonald Road, Archway,
London N19 5PG