Sunday, April 8, 2007

CAIR Bash and Run

If you have not been watching the news, there has been a systematic assualt on Muslim organization since last summer, especially since the end of the Lebanon assualt by Israel, not to say that the two are related.

First it began with Dr. Maher Hathout out in Southern California, who was recieving a Los Angeles Human Relations award, the first one to go to a Muslim. He and to a certain extent, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, that he is an adivsor to were attacked for being "pro-Palestinian" and not "nice" to the Jewish community. Dr. Hathout appologized for his remarks that "offended" some in the Jewish community and immediatly began putting together, along with the Progress Jewish Alliance a community dialogue- jump starting a previously began project.

Then came the attack on Al-Maghrib and its teachers by Daniel Pipes and his cronies. They do not even deserve mention. After that came the CAIR and Senator Barbara Boxer fiasco, followed by the Florida bigot scandal, then followed by attacks on the UCI Muslim Student Association, followed by more attacks on CAIR...but the point here, is that even with all the attacks on the Muslim community there is hope.

There was also the protests put on by the United American Committee (what the heck is that, its so ambigous) on March 31, which they have declared as "Rally Against Islamofacism Day". Southern Califronia Infocus has a nice article on the "Pro Israel groups that target Muslims"

The funny thing about this rally was that everyone was saying that Israel was the issue, in that Muslim must accept Israel- we can not criticize or speak bad of Israel- infact the guy in the picture went far enough to say that Islam became dead in 1948 when Israel was created, the nutcase that said that is also a "co-founder" of UAC. But the entire thing was ideological rhetoric about how Muslims do not belong in the US and how Islam should be erased off the face of the planet.

Sestak told dinner attendees: "CAIR does such important and necessary work in a difficult environment to change such perceptions and wrongs -- from racial profiling and civil rights to promoting justice and mutual understanding -- at a time when it is challenging to be an American-Muslim."

"We need to claim our values, not betray them, by ensuring there is not a psychology that pulls out of the rich fabric of our American community those who look like 'one of them.' We are better than that," said Sestak.

Sestak, was the guy being attacked for attending a CAIR Philidelphia banquet, their first ever and with a contigent of Anti-Muslim protesters, Joe Kaufman flew in from Florida!!!

Congrats to CAIR Phili and most importantly to the Muslim community in Philidelphia for with standing the storm!

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Huda Shaka` said...

"In the 1950s, ultra-conservatives torpedoed their critics by calling them Communist. Today the same tactic is used against Muslim organizations by calling them apologists for terrorism. And like the 1950s, the intent of the ultra-conservatives today is to distract the public from their own undemocratic maledictions."