Friday, April 13, 2007

Muslims boycott Frito's...

Frito's faces major financial loses

It was only last month that Muslamics own Zahra Billoo shared with us that Dorito's and Cheeto's contained "pork enzymes". That brought a massive boycott and thousands and thousands of bags of Doritos can now be found dumped along the nations beaches, as demand falls for Frito's across the United States and excess chips are discarded.

But seriously, dont believe any of the things SAID ABOVE. The picture is from Shuttari's site from South Carolina where a container with these chips fell off a ship, broke and spewed out thousands of bags of Frito's products on the beach, this was back in December 2006.

Since our post, we have had numerous interested people running around making phone calls and just updating us.

Here is what is up:

1. This site has all the Kosher products for Frito's, so you can all enjoy them!
2. I was going to post two more things, but realized that I was pushing my side of how I see things on this issue, and thought it is best to keep it impartial do read the comments on the original post.

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Zahra Billoo said...

There was some Frito-Lay drama at the MSA National WZ Conference in Berkeley this weekend. :-)