Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The RESULTS are in and the 2008 Presidential nominee is....

The first track post guiding us toward the 2008 election has come and gone this weekend. Did you hear about it?

If you haven't this is how it stands- The reporting of all funds raised by presidential nominee's needed to be reported and were made public, and here is what it looks like:

1. Hillary Clinton some 26 million dollars
2. Barack Obama some 24 million dollars
3. Mit Romney some 21 million dollars
4. all the others running below the meager 15 million dollar mark.

Read more here to see what the figures are like and how significant this plays into the entire race.

But where are the American Muslims. While our community is still reeling from the 2000 election and the support of Bush and the falling out with the Republicans that followed, along with the apathy, and then also the militant anti-participation in American National politics here is just a fun way to gauge which way the American Community is putting their weight behind...well so far the winner seems to be the Obama juggernaut.

Vote at InFocus's poll by going here.

Also leave your comment, even if you find my stance on national elections to be obnoxious, do please leave a comment!


Affad Shaikh said...

I have two things to add to this post as personal comments:

1. this shows how embedded the presidential campaign is to money. It is a scary thing and whether or not it is good for democracy is debatable. I for one think that money and democracy goes hand in hand but the scope of running a presidential election is out of control and unfortunate because it really leaves out the ability for any other party to truely develop in the future, and we are stuck in a two party system where as we saw the Democrats cower in the corner while the Republicans chip away at our civil rights. No one protected those rights and as we know once the government takes some rights away it maybe decades before we can even get the semblence of the right back.

2. This will sound chauvanistic, but I do not think Hillary Clinton will make a good President. She is to much in bed with President Bush and his policy and has not set herself apart. Not to say that it takes ideological hardliners to make me feel good about the candidacy, but really she has shown time and time again that she is no different from the Republicans. What she brings to the table, especially for Muslims is no better then what Bush brought to the table. Infact, I believe she disdains the Muslim community. Its time to have some one who accepts not just verbally diversity and multiculturalism but who has lived it (this is not a Obama pitch by the way) and she is fake when it comes to these issues.

Zahra Billoo said...

I very much agree with #2!

Angie Ellaboudy said...

i think its disgusting that money is the basis for who runs our country...

NA said...

i think muslims will support obama b/c his middle name is hussein.

but he won't win b/c like tupac says "we ain't ready to see a black president."

i saw a guy w/ a wheelchair yesterday who had a bumper sticker on his wheelchair that said
"the one who votes decides nothing.
the one who counts the votes decides everything."

Naveed Ahmad said...

to add to number 2, the democratic party are in desperate need for a platform. they need someone who can stand up for something, rather than be all wishy-washy on issues like gay marriage, iraq, tax reform, whatever. whether we agree/disagree, republicans have a platform; they stand for something and get get supporters around that mission statement. hmmmmm....