Monday, May 14, 2007

Israeli Independence Day

Excerpt from Blog Post By Yasmeen Nour:
To some people reading this post, this may seem to be old news--after all, Israeli Independence Day was weeks ago...right?

Wrong. Israeli Independence Day is celebrated on the 5th day of the Jewish month Iyar, which this year happened to fall on April 23, and was postponed to April 24 for religious reasons involving the Sabbath. However, the actual day of Israeli Independence, according to the Gregorian calendar (which we generally use for all secular purposes), is May 14.

Establishing the difference between these two dates is of fundamental importance. Israel Independence is not a religious occasion. Rather, it is a purposely publicized event (one need only have visited any larger American university on April 24 and seen the dancing Zionists oh so “coincidentally” waving American and Israeli flags at every university to see this point), designed to erase the line between being Jewish and supporting Israel.

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