Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Since 2000, Innocent Children have died , and children have known nothing but violence

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs put together this thought provoking project called "Remember these Children and countless others". They present that since 2000, 118 Israeli children have died from the violent conflict that is the Israeli-Palestinian "peace process"- or maybe the lack of peace or process. They also point out that 934 Palestinian children have been killed in the conflict since 2000.

I want to take the time and remember those children killed since 2000 during the month of May. Its my way of allowing them live on and teach us in the west a lesson of what a blessing Peace is.

May 2007

We are at a precarious place. The reports have not compiled the names of the children who have passed away this month. But its time to take action and make change, children should not die and growing up with so much death only perpetuates hatred and anger and feeds the cycle of pain.

Please contact your local political leader and tell them enough is enough!

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Huda Shaka` said...

US helicopter attack on Iraqi primary school kills children: