Thursday, July 19, 2007

Italy to try Tunisian for wearing burqa to trial

The wife of a Tunisian imam serving a 10-year jail term in
Italy in connection with a terrorist plot will herself face
prosecution for attending his trial in a burqa, Italian press
reports said. Monia Mzougi, 37, is to be tried under 1975 public
order legislation barring people from wearing clothes that conceal
their identity from security personnel "without a valid reason."

The trial is to begin next January 30 in, northern Italy, and
Mzougi faces a maximum of two years in prison. Mzougi's husband
Mourad Trabelsi was tried in Cremona in September 2005 for being a
member of a radical Islamist group that was plotting to attack the
city's cathedral. The leading daily Corriere della Sera reported
that Mzougi's case is the first in Italy concerning the wearing of a

Source: The Middle East Times

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