Friday, August 31, 2007

B.I.G. campaign against Israeli products in Ann Arbor

Anne Remley, left, and Linda Wotring, both of Ann Arbor, stand out in front of the People's Food Co-op on Fourth Avenue in Ann Arbor, with a photograph of two Palestinian women sitting a pile of rubble that once was their home. The pair are heading a group from Ann Arbor called B.I.G., Boycott Israeli Goods.

It all started last winter when a few shoppers noticed some Israeli couscous for sale.

They formed a group called Boycott Israeli Goods, stood outside the co-op and collected about 600 signatures of co-op members who believe the issue should be put to a vote. That was enough to force a referendum on the issue among the nearly 6,000 members.

BIG member Anne Remley said the campaign highlights the need to show resistance to Israel's military occupation of Palestinian land.

"We are inviting the members of the co-op to stand up for Palestinian human rights and to send that message to the government of Israel from the well-informed, ethical, caring people who tend to be co-op members," said Remley, a co-op member for 36 years.

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An inspiring example of a grass-roots boycott movement against the illegal Israeli occupation in Palestine. Collectively, such small efforts make a big difference.

Above all, it's good to know that despite all the Zionist propaganda in the US, average Americans are catching on to the worldwide BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement against the Apartheid State of Israel.


Anonymous said...

1. There's no such thing as "Palestine".

2. Your boycotts don't do anything. In fact, if anything, they being more people to purchase Israeli goods by publicizing them (and you know by now that Americans overwhelmngly support Israel and overwhelmingly hate the Paleos).


Affad Shaikh said...


Well the thing is if boycotts against Israel do not work then why do Zionist organizations and leaders work so hard to legislate against them?

Obviously some sort of fear factor exists to motivate them to take such drastic action against something that "dont do anything" especially if more people would by them you would think Zionist would be running in the street promoting them.

We know the Israeli economy is subsidize by American Tax payers.