Friday, August 31, 2007

The Color Orange

I like the color orange. It has this vibrancy that brings out emotions of joy, happiness, life and living. The way Orange makes me feel attracts me to the color even more. I prefer subdued hues, but orange is one of those colors that just attracts attention. Imagine had Arabic not influenced European culture the way it had we would be referring to Orange as geoluhread- roughly translated as "in between yellow and red."

(CW)Orange also represents Hinduism in India and Sri Lanka, the Dutch have it as a state color and here in the United States Orange is a familiar sight because we always seem to be on Orange State of Alert from the Department of Homeland (in)Security(CW) that is every time Chertoff has bowl movements.

There I go again, honestly, I promised I would refrain from being politically conscience, that now on my blog would be neutral and totally free from anything social or political. I mean (CW) Mr. CAIR-Watch had won his battle against me (CW). Kaufman scared the bejibbers out of me and I was going to lay low.

My dear friends who contacted me and provided me with advise on dealing with this situation, I am sorry to let you down. I know you all meant well. But you have to understand that THIS IS WHO I AM.

If Joe Kaufman and his Nazi ilk can carry out a smear campaign against me and other Muslims to marginalize and scare them into silence what do you think he thinks of Muslim who are neutral and silent already? He has nothing but despise and hatred for all Muslims. It was Kaufman that stated there are no Moderate American Muslims. So you think he will rest easy when all those who dare to speak out against his hatred stop doing so?

Listen we are not guests in this country. We are AMERICANS. It is time we start acting like Americans. We have nothing that bars us from melding our two identities together- we are American Muslims and lets act like it.

I understand your concern when you say that he is trying to manage a certain type of response and that I should not give him that opportunity. That in the emotional state that such a smear campaign might bring about I should lay low and play it safe.

There is no playing it safe. Me laying low is not being safe, its playing with matches surrounded by tons of hay in a barnyard 100 miles away from water. That is the danger of being silent. Muslims are on the cusp of history and we must not allow ourselves to be judged in future as being silent when the times demanded that we stand up for our rights and our liberties for all Americans, in the face of a country griped with hysteria willing to sacrifice the very freedoms and rights that make this place so great because of a few narrow minded extremists. We must not stand on the sidelines or else we will do a great injustice to all Americans.

This is our test, it is our burden and we are not alone. This is not us against everyone. This is America against those who breed fear, hate and extremism- in this case it is the likes of Kaufman.