Sunday, October 28, 2007

Amr Khaled in CA!

Paradise In Our Home is a family event featuring Ustadh Amr Khaled that will be held in San Jose (Nov. 10) and Anaheim (Nov. 18).

To my knowledge, this is the first time Amr Khaled is visiting the US to give a talk. The website indicates that although Amr Khaled's portion of the program will be in Arabic, there will be English translation, and that the rest of the program (there are other talks as well) will be in English.

Even if you are not an Arabic speaker, I would highly recommend attending the event. One of the things which I truly admire Amr Khaled for is his way of giving lectures. Regardless of whether he is addressing fifty, five thousand or five million people he is always very well prepared especially in terms of knowing his audience, speaks with great passion yet without being irrational, and knows how to get his message across straight to one's heart and soul. Maybe it's his sincerity that helps him get to so many people so easily.

On his quest to change the world and bring about spiritual, social, and economical development to the Muslim ummah (particularly in the Arab world) he has presented a diversity of TV programs from hard-core spiritual to down-right practical.

His latest series TV series this Ramadan, Paradise in Our Home, (which I assume the CA talks will revolve around) was a surprise to people since it dealt with a small-scale social issue: family ties. Still, his choice makes sense: in order to bring about the development of the larger community one must start with the family.

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Marya Bangee said...

someone, please let me know if there will be english subtitles as soon as you know! or if you find out there won't be. :(

Angie Ellaboudy said...

count me in - in sha' Allah! :)

a muslim adviser said...

Do you people know the reality of this so called ustad Amr Khaled and what he has been saying in his speeches and tapes. these are some of the things he has said.
1. on his website in the section of lectures/stories of the prophet/ adam and eve, he says that iblees (satan) is not a kafir and he is a believer, when the quran tells us in surah albakarah, (and he was from the kafireen)

2. this so called ustadh also said in one of his speeches that since all the muslims are way off the deen and are into the duna, that it is hard for allah to change this reality.

3. he also claims that the war and hatred between us, the muslims, and the jews is not because of relegion and it is only because of worldly matters. this straightly contradicts what allah and the prophet PBUH said. when all said in the quran that the most people that enemies to the muslims are the jews.

4. amr khaled also claims that the masjid alaqsa (may allah protect it and protect the muslimeen) is part of the jews and does not belong to the muslims, so the jews have the right to take it.

5. also during the denmark crisis and what happened between the denmark losers and the muslims when they cursed the prophet mohamed PBUH, amr khaled straightly said that he forgives them.

these are just some of this so called ustadh big mistakes in the islamic ruling. all of this of course was in arabic, and i thank those scholars who brought out these to us from this ustadh and let us know the reality of this man. if you need to know more about this man, just go online and search in arabic for amr khaled mistakes, and i am sure you will find a lot. so i advice, a straight advice for allah's sake, to stay away from this guy and alhamdulillah there are many more scholars that we could get knowledge from.

Huda Shaka` said...

Dear Muslim adviser,
It seems from your comment that you have not heard or read his lectures in person, but rather based your opinion on someone else's comments, who may or may not know what he's talking about.

In any case, obviously ustadh Amr Khaled makes mistakes, just like any other human being. However, with regards to your points below:

1. I have personally heard at least one of his lectures on the story of prophet Adam (as) and did not hear any such comment.

2. I find it very unlikely that a person who has dedicated his life to guiding people to the way of Allah (swt) and bringing about the revival of the ummah would make such a comment.

3. I don't think that Muslims and Jews are destined to be in a state of war because of their different religion. Look at the sirah of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and you will find he had Jewish friends.

4. This is the most ridiculous of all comments especially given that Ustadh Amr Khaled has a whole series on Jerusalem and its importance and significance to Muslims (

5. Ustadh Amr Khaled's stance and response to the Danish cartoons was different from most other Muslim leaders and scholars. One may agree or disagree with the path he chose to take which is starting dialogue rather than fueling fire, but I personally think he was able to bring some good out of this whole incident.

I have to say that I have heard a few reasonable/legitimate criticisms on ustadh Amr Khaled's work but I think the important thing to remember is that he is not a mufti or sheikh, but rather a daiyah, a servant of Allah (swt) who is doing his best to call to His way.

One may not necessarily agree with his approach in all situations, but I think the Islamic thing to do is to take the good and join in the efforts your agree with, and provide constructive criticism and naseehah to your brother in Islam in the cases you disagree with him.

Finally, I would encourage you to read some of his works in English so that you may make up your mind for yourself:

Huda Shaka` said...

Pics from AK's website:

The fourth links has a photo at Ma's and the fifth has his photos at IIOC.

Did anyone make it to the event? How was it?

Huda Shaka` said...

Thanks everyone for responding to my question (sarcastic)...thank God for InFocus: