Wednesday, October 10, 2007

IFAW: Another fun twist

7 GW Students Admit To Posting Anti-Muslim Fliers

George Washington University's school newspaper received a shocking confession on Tuesday.

The GW newspaper the Hatchet received an e-mail confession late Tuesday night from seven students admitting to hanging hundreds of controversial fliers around campus.

The students -- Adam Kokesh, freshman Yong Kwon, senior Brian Tierny, freshman Ned Goodwin, Maxine Nwigwe, Lara Masri and Amal Rammah -- said their motives were misinterpreted.


"It is to our great dismay that the student body and the media missed the clear, if subtle, message of our flier: the hyperbolic nature of the flier was aimed at exposing Islamophobic racism," the e-mail said, according to the Hatchet. "While the poster, even if taken seriously was not intended to cause any real harm, the systematic and glorified type of racism represented by this event is being imposed upon us from dangerous divisive outside forces."

The students who said they did it said they wanted to bring attention to racism against Muslims.

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The GW Hatchet's original story with image of flyer, letter from perpetrators


Anonymous said...

i saw the flier -- didnt look that offensive, i got what they were trying to say! but i can see how it would be confusing to someone who didnt know any better... actually no, it seemed so extreme that anyone who saw it would be like "is THAT wat this conference is about?!"

Affad Shaikh said...

Well I think they took student activism to the the literal. I feel for them, but I do find their effort to be misguided.

By doing this they brought/gave more attention to the nonsense Horowitz and his crew are up too.

Dont get me wrong, there should be something done, but not as a reaction, stuff so asinine does not deserve a rational person breath let along hesitation. There are other ways to address the week.