Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Quran in Numbers

I could not find the number of times Jihad is mentioned, or things that are violent. But this is a good point of reference for Muslims, being the Month of Ramadan, that PRAYER is a critical feature in our religion. We- reminding myself first- take advantage of prayer and delay it or altogether accept that God is merciful and will forgive us. But this negligence is at a high price. Without prayer there is no faith. It is a manifestation of us being Muslim, it sets our lifestyle. It is the core of what makes a Muslim Muslim and it is the way we stay connected to the Most High.

The Qur’an is divided into 30 parts or Juz and into 114 chapters or Surahs.
Each surah contains a number of verses or ayat ranging from 2 to 286.
92 surahs were revealed at Mecca – 22 at Madinah.
It has 6, 616 verses; 77, 934 words; and 323, 760 alphabets.
750 ayats deal with scientific matters.
160 verses contain the word ‘ilm’ or knowledge.
25 of the prophets are mentioned by name.
At 70 times or more people are asked to pray.
At least 90 times or more people are ordered to pray.
At 150 times people are called upon to give charity.
Prophet Moses is mentioned most frequently.
Prophet Muhammad is mentioned by name 4 times. At 11 times he is addressed as ‘O Messenger” and 23 times as “messenger”.
The phrase “Muhammad is the Messenger of God” is mentioned twice.

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