Friday, December 7, 2007

The 10 Items on the To-Do List of Would-Be Dictators

Watch this!


Marya Bangee said...

This is AWESOME! I loved her talk.

dittobite said...

Okay. During lunch while eating bhiryani from Omar Farouk masjid i watched and listened.

this is my thought- initial-

wow, captivating case.

my more developed thought-

alarmist and what is the difference between her and the message anne coulter is spewing?

To me it seems that both have their agenda's. It just happens i agree with Naomi wolfe more then with coulter.

Maybe i am being harsh comparing the two. I believe her book is definetly worth reading. However, I dont think the US is headed for a facist shift. Unless ofcoarse guliani gets voted in and/or clinton.

then i think we can call for impeachment of either/or, as for Bush i think its to late- but you can paint me practical.