Monday, December 3, 2007

Savage Sues CAIR

Remember the statements made by Savage regarding ISLAM and MUSLIMS? If not check the link for an excerpt. Then I want to remind you about the campaign started by Interfaith community organizations against Savage- not targeting his free speech but rather those that support his hate speech through advertising- OfficeMax, Autozone, AT&T, Walmart, and JC Penny- to name a few.

All these companies bailed on Savage, read here and here.

It seems Savage is savaged by the financial disaster that is looming for him as more advertisers with conscience leave CLEARCHANNEL the company behind Savage's hate speech. So to take a political stab at this and boost his ego he got Horowitz to sue CAIR for copywrite infringement. Savage claims CAIR used his audio clips out of context for fundraising purposes- and now wants equal dollar amount in funds raised. (IDIOT)

Here is a synopsis worth reading from Own-It, Intellectual Property Advice for Creative Business:

Staying in the USA, our next story concerns shock jock Michael Savage, who is suing the campaigning group the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for copyright infringement after it used unlicensed clips of his show for fundraising events. Savage has made a number of inflammatory on-air comments regarding Islamic fundamentalism but claims that CAIR uses the clips out of context and is suing for damages "equal to the ongoing donations from CAIR supporters" as well as "actual damages according to proof". We suspect CAIR has a fairly strong defence under the US fair use exception to copyright infringement, though as the lawsuit seems to be as much about scoring a political point against the CAIR as it is about copyright, this may still go to trial. Monsters and Critics has more on that story.

And excerpts from Monsters and Critics story follow below:

From the lawsuit:

"The audience of 'The Savage Nation' expects this type of from-the-heart outrage and when it is directed at a murderer such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his ilk, the piece is far more understandable and far more American mainstream. While the strength of the outrage is remarkable and a hallmark of 'The Savage Nation,' the sentiment is shared by a huge number of Americans," the lawsuit said.

and it continues

The Savage Nation' is unique among so-called 'Talk Radio' in that it combines serious intellectual analysis with dramatic and emotional soul baring that the show advertises as 'Psychological Nudity'.

going on...and on...

"Just as all religions are free to practice in the United States, Michael Savage is free to exercise his beliefs without having someone in the opposition steal his property and convert it for their own use. The violation of the copyright and the desecration of that copyright material is a violation of the freedoms of Michael Savage to express his views,"

So Mr. Savage is having a serious intellectual coma if he thinks his show is actually an analysis of anything. Pure drama, emotional ravings that are Islamophobic, hate filled and disgusting. Some comments left at Monsters and Critics worth reading:

brianDec 2nd, 2007 - 15:10:53

If mr Savage said these things about the jews he would be put in prison.
The spreading of this Islamaphobia is the exact same as the propaganda spread by the nazis against the jews in the 1930's.

Thats is the story folks- so please donate to CAIR :)

UPDATE: In an AP article Savage admits:

Bill Crawford, a spokesman for Talk Radio Network, which syndicates the Savage show, said "there have been advertisers who've canceled Michael's show because of the CAIR situation." He refused to identify the companies or reveal the amount of lost revenue. Savage said he's lost at least $1 million in revenue.

Wow a $1 Million hit!!! Moral of this episode is that hate speech is not worth much these days?

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sadlyput said...

Sears and Disney Orlando drop Savage...hmmm...can we say 1.5 million in lost revenue?