Monday, December 31, 2007

That Darn Resolution

Did you all make a new years resolution? Hurry up you have a few hours before the new year comes in. You can begin your list and see how far you get?

Okay, so each year people make new years resolutions. I usually make them when the new years begin, sometimes people make them well before the new years and they take stock of what is going on with their past years resolutions.

I happen to be one striving to be a bit more orderly in how I approach life. This year I came up with some resolutions. I wanted to share my thoughts on them but thought I would like to ask what other Muslims are resolving to do this upcoming year, the year that ends in 8, a year of the Olympics..a year of many celebrations and sorrows yet to come.

Please share your thoughts. I will post mine according to the response and frankness people display.


Yesi King said...

hmm, i don't make new year's resolutions :)

Paki Girl said...

I'll tell you mine when the Islamic new year rolls around, insha'Allah.

Affad Shaikh said...

yesi- if you dont then you dont, but maybe i can convince you on the utility of doing so?

paki G.- well if you insist but i will hold you too it...dont forget!