Wednesday, December 12, 2007

UCI Exonerated of "Anti-Semitism" Label

So your kids can go to UCI and feel safe that the label of "America's Most Anti-Semitic Campus" is not applicable- here at MSNBC and OC Register has a copy of the OCR letter issued today.

There was a email circulating with the letter of the report from OCR stating that simply, the University has done a great job at maintaining an environment welcoming to all. That they have done what they could faced with incidents that were negative and wrong.

Whats more is that this has shown that the MSU at UCI has been exonerated and is within its right to free speech.

This leads one to wonder what the "hell Zionist Organization of America" wanted out of this whole thing. They referred callers to their East coast office which was closed today- no wonder- the report makes them look like fools yelling fire in a crowded theater.

Basically the Zionist Organization of America is a trying to paint a picture of something that just isn't- that UCI is a breeding haven for antisemitism- and if this tactic worked, it would force the University to shut down events aimed at the policies and practices of Israel and criticism of Zionism, because of the "Jewish" association of the two topics. Hence, college activism against Israel and Zionism would come to a complete full stop- which is what the ZOA ultimately wants.

Now, thats what the ZOA wants, what about Chuck Devore? The Irvine Assembly member- who is probably a nutcase in his own way, but seriously he is the elected official for Irvine, they couldnt elect some one who was half decent and at most neutral, next thing you know Devore will be coming out and saying- "there's to many Moslem's in Irvine"- many of the UCI Muslims are from Irvine, Chuck, I dont think they will be contributing to your campaign or voting for you when they are doctors, rich engineers, business owners etc.


Anonymous said...

I must say Allegation #12 and the OCR's response to it made my night!

"Additionally, all though one of the routes to the Dean of Students' office passed through this lounge area, two other routes to the office did not pass through the lounge."

sadlyput said...

Thanks for the response. I have to say while there were credible issues of antisemitism, the entire report for me, pointed to the fact that ZOA and the Jewish students and/or Zionist organizations were not looking for an investigation to "help" the university better its response to any sort of hate crime/incident or racial/religious intolerance.

No, in fact, to me the impression I got, from this whole episode was that it was a witch hunt. Put together whatever pieces of things you can put together in order to create an supra-atmosphere of "antisemitism"- that just doesnt exist- so that way the Muslim students by extension can be blamed for it.

The witch hunt put together credible issues- the pushing of a Jewish student, the Swastika on a flag, the threatening E-mails- along with things such as the Deans office or Muslim students wearing stoles that say the Shahadah (declaration of faith, the first pillar of ISLAM) and them putting on events criticizing Israeli policy.

The issue is the witch hunt was designed to silence opposition to the Zionist cause. It was a bureacratic huff and puff show that really shows the despicable nature of organizations like the ZOA- they are not interested in the well being of students, nor are they interested in the well being of American Democratic ideals or practices, what they want is total submission to the Zionist cause and to use all means necessary to bear down on those who stand opposed to them.

Thats what it is and that's what Chuck Devore is all about- he's their chiwawa out to take a bit at Democracy's foes, however, he just doesn't know the difference between democracy and fascist practices.

Just imagine Chancelor Drake faced by 500 angry Jewish parents who have been misled by provacatuers like the ZOA and sensationalists. In the end he did the right thing, which was to stand up for due process and protecting people's freedom of speech. I commend him, and even with the hiccup with the Law School (another fascist right wing nut job, do you see the trend?) the administration and Drake have done an excellent job. I am happy that we have such even handed administrators, as well as the UCI Police Chief!

Anonymous said...

this is a true victory for justice!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad this nonsense is over. Its about time someone laid out proof in a concise manner about how UCI isn't imbalanced in any way