Saturday, March 8, 2008

Finding God On Campus

Since my first encounter with a Muslim, my interactions with the Muslim Student Association and Muslims students at Cal State Long Beach never stopped. Not only by participating in their events, such as the annual Islamic Awareness Week, Fast-a-thon and Eid at the Beach Carnival, but also by having Muslim friends around me, I was able to ask random questions such as: "Are Muslims allowed to drink coffee?" or "Are Muslims allowed to put makeup on?" I was encouraged to further explore Islam by what I had seen, heard and learned from sisters and brothers of the MSA.
The society we live in today gives us access to many things, including things that have been religiously discouraged or prohibited. It is easy to compromise faithfulness to Allah, but not succumbing to these by using self-control and discipline will make one a better Muslim – one who submits to God.

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