Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Grow Your Own Edible Garden

This video and website are really interesting. Imagine growing your own fruits and vegetables in your backyard? It really is empowering to be able to say no corporate power in that way and become self sustainable. Yes supermarkets facilitate the ability to buy anything at anytime. But not only do they sell us things that are harmful to us in many ways, they could care less about the people that buy or grow the products; as demonstrated by the bad work practices they condone and the throwing of unsold food away every night instead of giving it away to people that actually need it. Supermarkets are expensive especially if you try to buy from the organic section. For some reason they find a way to rip you off even more if you like to eat healthy. However the prospect of having a garden is not only beneficial to you and your family but also to your community and to the environment. Being able to grow your own food safeguards you from harmful chemicals used in foods and meats. Every week we hear about another genetically modified scary tid-bit about Monsanto Corporation. To be able to feed yourself, share that food with your family, friends and even the larger community would be amazing. Like the video suggests, start easy with something small and eventually you can have an edible garden in your backyard :) It’s also an opportunity for you to learn something new, get connected to the land and fight this capitalist system.

Here's a good web site to get you started!


Anonymous said...

In the wide range of political and community activism, there are very few activities that one can do that has both immediate and potential long term benefits. Yesi King provides us a simple action that can satisfy many of the needs that is being deprived of our personal and communal lives by our current political economic system.

Affad Shaikh said...

Salaam- yesi thanks for this video.

My family lives in Palmdale, its like the worst place to live in- for me parents love it. We have so much land, its amazing. Back when i was a kid we grew all our veggies we consumed at home. Unfortunately somewhere along the way we lost sight of that and stopped doing it. It hasnt been the same since then.

This was inspiration, to bad i dont have the time to really get this going at my parents house, but its definetly worth trying to do in the near future.

I love the part about eating Seasonal, just imagine how that will help obesity if we go back to some of the ways we ate food just some 60 years ago. Subhanallah!

Huda Shaka` said...


Sarah:) said...

One thing I loved from my mothers garden were the cherry tomatoes. They never tasted like the one's from the store. It's so naturally sweet - I would purposely hide a stash ... :) SubhanAllah, I had not really appreciated the home grown veggies until I tasted it for myself and realized that all my mothers hard work had really paid off.
I really regret not having them today... Thanks for sharing, this may be my summer project...? :)