Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mexico's Indigenous Minority Converting to Islam

This video is very interesting but barely touches on the subject. It is nevertheless very exciting. My grad thesis is on Latinos converting to Islam and the way they navigate their marginal status. In it I plan to touch on this topic of the indigenous Oaxacans converting to Islam. Anyway, once I collect my data I’ll post more on the topic.

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Affad Shaikh said...

Islam will flourish with former Catholics in places like Mexico because there is such a deep seated desire and belief in an Omnipotent God, just the problem is the hierarchy and dogma of Catholicism and its association with elitist tendency (not talking about the America's theology that i can not remember right now that developed in response to social justice and is being marginalized by the Pope in Rome) has made Catholicism irrelevant, making Evangelical Christianity, Mormon, and even Islam more acceptable.

Every happy to welcome my new brothers and Sisters in Islam, only wished the reporter did a better job (more time) in delving into the community.