Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Americans in America Targeted for Assasination by Israel

Not sure, but the death of Riad Hamad Esolh seems to have gone un-noticed in the Palestinian circle of Activists in the MSA's and on the West Coast. Riad Hamad Esolh's body was found in a lake in Austin, after what police described was a suicide. However, reports are now coming in that it might be far more sinister then that, in fact, some are suggesting that it was an assassination? This is Riad blog, his obituary, here is a little bit about PCWF his organization (I wont provide the direct link, go google it) and read below:

Kurt Nimmo
April 22, 2008

On the Alex Jones Show today, Dr. Ibrahim Dremali, Director of the Islamic Center of Greater Austin, described the condition of Riad Hamad Esolh's body after he allegedly committed suicide by trussing himself in duct tape and throwing himself in the Colorado River in Austin, also known as Lady Bird Lake.

Islamic law requires the deceased be washed prior to burial and this was what Mr. Dremali did less than 24 hours after Mr. Hamad was pulled from the Colorado River and after an autopsy, although it appears Hamad's family did not give permission for an autopsy. Normally, according to Dr. Dremali, the "police contact Islamic Center before they do anything" and they did not do this in the case of Mr. Hamad.

Dremali described to Alex Jones the condition of Hamad's body. It appeared as if he had been "attacked by an animal in the jungle," Dremali said. Hamad was cut from the shoulder to the stomach; his arms were cut and his face was bruised and the rear of his skull was bashed in. Dremali said Hamad's brain was missing. Alex speculated Hamad's brain was missing because he may have been shot in the head.

Dremali stressed that suicide is forbidden under Islamic law. Moreover, the claim Hamad committed suicide is specious because he had children and was in the process of obtaining a doctorate degree.

Dr. Dremali would not speculate if Riad Hamad was assassinated, although it is now obvious, considering the condition of the body, he did not commit suicide.

If indeed Riad Hamad was assassinated, this would dovetail with Israel's declaration they will target assassinate "Palestinian extremists," apparently including American school teachers who send textbooks to Palestinian school children, obviously a terrorist event. Israeli intelligence, according to United Press International, considers violating U.S. sovereignty and murdering U.S. citizens as "operational maneuverability."

I don't know about you, but I would think being in America, and especially as a citizen, one would think our government would take issue with such a malevolent attitude, then again we are dealing with yet another Israeli spying case, so it begs to question who exactly are we allied with and in whose interest are we looking out for?

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Anonymous said...

fbi harrasment is on the rampage! i thank god that each time i had expriances w/ them i was with friends that witnessed all the crazyness. they would say things like ” this is so crazy - you can’t make this stuff up.” i am an activist in nyc with palestine and anti-war stuff .
in sept.05 my roommate was arrested at a bag search in nyc and when he showed our address the fbi was called in and they told him to get away and to stay away from me and that i am a dangerous person and i associate with dangerous people and they said arabic names to him. he called me all freaked out from a pay phone saying he can’t be my roommate anymore(we were in the process of moving), don’t call him on his cell phone any more, all the weird stuff appearing in the apt that none of us put in there is not a coincisidence (we were blessed with a polaroid photo of some whitish, guy with an american flag on this t-shirt standing in some airport tunnel , a museum style tab pin with a sky blue back ground and a drawing of an eye, our nick nacks moved to completely different locations in the apt etc - this all when on the summer of 2005 BEFORE the subway search), he told me not to talk in the house, to try to notice the same people in different places. .. all 007 like.
then in oct 06 the nypd /fbi aka joint terrorist task force called me 7 times including upset and threatening messages because i refuse to talk to them. they wanted to talk to me about people i am associated with including a lebanese shia friend, they wanted to know about the emergancy contact info on my passport renewal form, they wanted to talke to me about my foriegn travels. i kept on saying i have nothing to say and they said they want to speak to me in private. all i said to them is that i don’t want to talk to them. one called back and left a pricless message saying “you can hang up all you want but we will talk to you.. you can do it the easy way or the hard way, we will come to your apt again and all your neighbors will know (they did complete with a folder on me and a photo - completly freaking out my land lord to no end) we will come to your job and all your co-workers will know. its over, you can do it the easy way or the hard way… you will talk to us and you have no choice” i told my lawyer everthing and he told me the # they called me from the last 4 times was from nypd headquaters. he talked to them and reminded them i don’t want to talk to them they told him they wanted to talke to me about my travels and about people i am associated with and he asked what travels and they did not say and he remined them that i don’t want to talk to them at all anywhere about anything and they said to my lawyer ‘well you can tell her if she won’t talk to us we will deal with her by other means” i asked what’s up with that and my lawyer said - oh they like to intimidate…you are doing the right thing in not talking to them and i told them to call me not you.

these creeps also visited my old apt in 2005 and in 2006 freaking out my neighbors in our close nit neighborhood.

my dad died in june 07 and they went to my brother a month after.
i tried to go to england with an english friend and was denyed entry - detained and then sent back here to nyc. i then applied for a visitors visa and was rejected. i got 2 X’s in my passport. … i guess that is part of the “dealing with me by other means” that the fbi told my lawyer.

what i learned from all of this is write down every single boring ass detail of weirdness that you have with these creeps and keep it simple by not talking to them. at all. they are trying to put together a big nasty puzzle about movements and activists so.. it is creepy to have them in your face but the best policy is don’t talk to the creeps.