Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hatred on Craiglists toward Muslims (Persians) in OC

Reply to: comm-621809015@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-03-28, 9:36AM PDT

What happened to OC? Muslims have taken over entire communities here. Are we all ignorant of these people? What's happened/happening to Irvine, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Anaheim, etc. is exactly what the Muslims want. Pretty soon we'll have more and more running for office and in power, influencing our lives, building their mosques. Their oil money is what will get them there. Read up, people! Educate yourselves. Islam is not a pacifist religion. I recently learned myself that if you're not Muslim, and from their holy book, they command the conversion of the "infidel" (that's us- anyone who isn't Muslim), or...condemning them. (I believe that means death).

While I don't consider myself a racist, this is really a matter of self-preservation. Self-preserving Southern California (and the US) as we know it.
Europe is now referred to as Eurabia, as Muslims have "taken over" major cities there. Good-bye London, Munich, Paris, Rome, etc.

Did you know the Iranians are celebrating their "New Year" today here in So Cal? They're having a big celebration in mid/or south OC. Suddenly, after 9/11, we know all about them, but not in a good way. We see them, we're forced to be made aware of them, and we kow-tow to them. Instead, when you see them, you should think (twice) about them. Otherwise, we may all be praying to their God soon.

Why does OUR government make it so easy for them to come over here and set up house, then allow them to take over entire communities? It must be all their new (oil) money...Remember, some (or most?) of our politicians are a greedy bunch. Just watch all those in Washington. Hey, Lobbyist! Got your checkbook ready? BTW, Irvine is a long way from Washington. Is it no wonder they chose So Cal to expand? Of course, on the same hand, Washington, DC may be next..

Why don't the Muslims conform to OUR way of life? I'm bothered by the fact that they want to produce BIG mosques, aren't you? YOU SHOULD BE!

Remember, and this I've learned from someone (that is not Muslim) that actually studied the Koran; Islam is NOT a religion of peace. KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR! Oh, why couldn't we have a bunch of Buddhists move in?


Your Face said...

Eeeew. There are more ignorant people out there than we have time to educate. Have you reported the posting to Craig's List?

Aldo said...

i don't find it surprising that someone in the OC has this viewpoint.. what else could one expect from a county full of white republicans?