Friday, May 2, 2008

Urban Outfitters: At It Again?

Submitted by Guest Blogger Sawsan Morrar

As if the hatta/keffiyeh wasn't enough of a trend for ignorant followers to strut around in, Urban Outfitters makes another strange attempt to be "politically aware."

Is the word "victimized" referring to the children being "child soldiers" or the fact they are oppresssed by the Israelis? And notice the circle above the Palestinian flag? That's the West Bank and Gaza--their corrupted definition of Palestine. If it is a Pro-Palestinian shirt, they are very wrong in defining what Palestine is.


Anonymous said...

i hate urban outfitters.

Paki Girl said...

These two interesting links ended up coming my way earlier this week:

1. Fashionista's critique:

2. A word from the t-shirt designer: