Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How do you tell someone...

I just had a harrowing three weeks. If I had to share with you the details of the three weeks, I wouldnt begin to know where to start sharing those thoughts.

The thing is, how do you tell someone in a not so "in your face way" that I was not on vacation, "vacationing", but rather with some critically ill, who then passed away and I was no longer being with but rather mourning and burying that person?

I realized that as Americans, we really shy away from "harrowing" topics. Things that abuse our sense of life are things that should remain publically taboo. When i got back, all my friends, associates who I work with asked how my vacation went. On the record, it was considered a vacation, but I was not relaxing on some Indonesian Beach sipping on virgin Margaritas, no, rather, I was doing something quite the opposite and not so quite self absorbed.

In my one day being back, I realized that people when told what I did on my "vacation" are a bit dumbfounded, even disturbed and leave in reverent silence at the fact that I vacationed with death for three weeks. But then again, what do you want me to say about the emmotional process I as a human went through, "oh, yeh, Indonesia a great place to go surf, you should go next time on your vacation, I suggest you stay at the Hilton in Bali."

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Huda Shaka` said...

Welcome back Affad and may Allah (swt) have mercy on your loved one that passed away.

I totally hear you. I think it is important to shock people out of the state of self absorption they are in, even if momentarily.

Death is one of the very few truths almost all human beings believe in. It is probably the best reminder of the frivolousness of our daily lives and "problems".