Thursday, July 10, 2008

Object to FISA Legislation NOW

Cowed by the Bush administration's pre-election scare tactics, the Senate passed privacy-stealing FISA legislation that undermines your Fourth Amendment rights.

Congress has not only legalized the Bush administration's secret NSA spying program, it has given the government even more power to listen to our phone calls and read our emails than even the Bush administration illegally claimed for itself under its secret program. And, by granting telecoms immunity, it has made it highly unlikely that we will ever learn the extent of the administration's lawless actions.

It's outrageous, unconstitutional and un-American. You can join the ACLU in sending that message by signing your name to a full-page ad in a major national newspaper. Let Congress know that if they won't stand up for freedom, you and the ACLU will!

The more voices we add, the more powerful our message will be. We need tens of thousands of Americans who are committed to defending the Constitution to speak up and stand with us right now.

By signing, you will add your name to the ACLU's print ad and on the ACLU's website for purposes of this ad. You'll also get updates on the fight for freedom by receiving ACLU email newsletters.

Sign the Petition ASAP:
American Civil Liberties Union


Affad Shaikh said...

president bush hasnt read emails or been on the internet for 8 years. Secret service keeps the president off such things due to security reasons :)

So i highly doubt he is reading any emails.

MetaMuslim said...

He types like me!

Anonymous said...

Yea, but it seems Obama wants to read my emails.

Can we please talk about why he went against Democratic party leadership (not that they are the standard) and voted for this?