Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Follow up on Border Crossings

I wrote a week or so ago about my border crossing experience, my suggestion was- If your European don't bother coming to the United States, go else where for the holidays. You can read the original post here.

That post got me the notoriety of being a plotter to assassinate the President. Though, the right wing "tar and feather" campaign and this idea of "guilt by association" labeled on me is quite McCarthyesque. I find that there is a bit of humor in it all. If all this is a battle of expression/idea's, I think then the playing field for me is a bit tilted in that the campaign waged against any Muslim political, social, spiritual activist is absurd. At the end, the only good Muslim is one who isn't a Muslim- and that, that is not an option for me, and I assume any observant Muslim.

The God Blog, a blog I continuously link on Muslamics, and not necessarily one I agree with when it comes to coverage of Muslim issues- (I feel that it is a bit slanted toward an agenda, but one that I think Muslims around the world need to fess up too, that yes there are things people do in the name of Islam, being Muslims that goes unchallanged and needs to be challanged, but there is a proper way (adhaab) and a time for it, and these issues do need to be addressed sooner rather then later) has a piece on the character assasintation and the discussion that follows in the comments is interesting and worth a read, so check it out and please participate in the discussion.

Obviously if people are experiencing delays, being put on "lists", have no way to clear their names and face not only humiliation, but second class status something must be done. That something must be within the law, even if it means using the law to sue the government to ensure that one citizen is not made to be a second class citizen at the expense of another. The argument that wins, wins and so be the law (policy) of the land, however, Americans should always reserve the right to continuously challenge any law (policy)- whether it be abortion, gay marriage, or even border delays.

Last week, after my own border experience and then dealing with four more complaints at the same border, I was angry and frustrated, and couldn't think of any solution to this ordeal that innocent people go through. Most are only told "its a mix up", "sorry the agents didn't know what they are talking about", or worse the continous stopping to the point where all the agents know you by name and its no longer a procedure just a joke, there has to be some solution to clear oneself. I was delighted that some one is looking into solutions beyond "talking" about it and are taking the government to task for its misguided and inappropriate, waste of time border policy.

Watch the video and learn more:

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