Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Free Hospital Project

Guest Request from Madina Humkar

Asalaam alaikum everyone,
I am asking all of you to please vote for this extremely important project. Justin Schreiber, my former office manager at the Community Programs office at UCLA, started a Free Hospital Project. The only way it can become reality is if you support it through the American Express Members Project.

Go to: Members Project

You can login if you have an American Express card, if not just make a guest account and vote! (type in: "Free Hospital Project" in the search engine)

Please forward this email to all your family and friends!!

Here is a brief summary of the project:

The Free Hospital Project
Submitted by: tshollowmen
Updated: 2008-08-20 01:39:01.0
Project ID: XQYNLO

Given the lack of health insurance coverage in the US, a new health care model is needed. Through a holistic approach utilizing diverse staff to encourage communication regarding such issues as hunger and homelessness, we will provide an environment to make health care an integral and fun part of daily life through a free hospital that breaks the traditional mold. Alliances developed to promote education and living skills will promote active local involvement to allow for social change.

In the US, 41.2 million people lack insurance, but many more are underinsured. Also, many people feel that their medical experience is cold and intimidating. A change is required that looks at preventative health care and providers more versed in cultural competency, community needs and how to incorporate tools such as humor in their patient care. Thus, the aim of this program will be to provide a hospital with free care that focuses on health over disease, and increase access to all.

We expect a huge impact for the communities served by increasing access to health care not previously available. The goal is for the hospital to target a person's well-being recognizing how education, counseling, food and shelter are key components to health. The intention is to serve as a model changing the way health care is delivered nationally, with health professionals forming partnerships with the community to best serve their patients and removing the huge financial burden of health care.

As a medical student I have seen those who lack health care and how the focus is not promoting health. I volunteered in Bolivia for a summer where each child there had free health care. I have seen what a positive impact taking time to talk with a patient or making them smile can make on their health. These things encourage me to build a hospital for those in need. This is based on the inspiration of a group of people who want change and view this hospital as the way to start.

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