Monday, August 11, 2008

Henna Adivisory

I know many Muslim cultures have henna as a staple for weddings. Its almost required that the bride get it done if she wishes to have a proper wedding. Henna through Bollywood has also become quite popular amongst the American crowd.

But it takes an American to find a problem with a practice as old as humanity itself. Here is an article from NBC that tells of the "henna hazard". (White people breaking out in blisters because of an allergic reaction to henna) This might have an impact on some brown people seeing that many eating and drinking in America have developed certain sensitivities too, as my grandmother complained about us Pakistani Americans whenever she visited, God rest her soul.


Yesi King said...

oh wow is that a real photograph? it looks like it hurts and like it'll scar...i was about to get some henna done thursday now i'm not so sure :/

Sarah Al-Habib said...

Hmm.. So this problem is only found in the black henna as stated in the article, but not found in the other henna that's used (red henna for example?) As long as we are aware of which henna is used and bought then we shouldn't be too worried - just cautious?
From my understanding, black henna is the only one that has the chemicals added to it, but the red henna is all natural. Allahu a'lam.

Affad Shaikh said...

yes thank you for reading the article!!! I was worried people only peruse the blog and leave. Engagement! That's what I like!

Zahra Billoo said...

Yesi, it's not all henna. The general, non-dye stuff should iA be OK.

Affad, don't scare them away with your enthusiasm. :)

Sarah Al-Habib said...

LOL Zahra!

Thanks for posting up the article, I was actually worried I would bring the wrong henna tubes and thus scar Yesi (and others)!!

Yesi King said...

lol...ok ok fine...i'll get it done tomorrow...but as soon as i feel a burning or tingling sensation its coming off!!! :P

thanks for posting affad.