Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome to Somber September 11th

The Seventh year in a row, we remember, like all Americans the tragic events of Sept. 11th. Here is a link to my blog where you can read my reflection for this year. I thought here we can share with one another, how as special Americans Sept. 11th also marks a time where we get special remarks, and special events, for some rites of passage into the real world. Let me start:

Today, I got an email forwarded to me that read "hard to believe it's been seven years. we haven't forgotten, pig*&^%..." Then just an hour ago, my 13 year old sister called me, distressed and anxious with fear in her voice, telling me that some African American kid named Issiah has been harrassing her all day calling her a terrorist, asking her "when she planned to bring a AK-47 to school and kill everyone?" Her voice was desperately asking me to make it stop.

What can I tell her, sorry sis' there are some ignorant and stupid dumb people out there who only know how to torment people because they get a thrill out of it?

Share your American Muslim experiences that come around this time of year, or for that matter anytime of the year.

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