Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is there any hope for Mayor Vivaisraeli?

"In a fight like this where the odds and decks are stacked against Israel, thank God for...." Jack Weiss. He really doesn't care about humanity and is blind to any suffering besides Zionist, doesn't deserve comment, but the Mayor...is there any hope?

Talk about blind acceptance. I mean who the hell is Mayor Vivaisraeli? Talk about selling out the oppressed for top dollar. This isnt the first time he's been such a blind jack arse to the zionist cause. During the Lebanese war, he supported Israel's "self defense" (destruction of democracy and death and murder of innocent people by Israel) and then flew over to Jerusalem with the the pandering in the name of tolerance Rabbi Heir of the Simon Wiesenthal Center to celebrate the desecration of the oldest Muslim cemetery.

Mayor Vivaisraeli is not a friend to Muslims or the oppressed. I wish friends in the LABOR movement will dump some sense on his cheating rear end.

Considering that this whole thing started becuase Israel broke the ceasefire, refused to work with Hamas, even though they were willing to re-evaluate their- no israel policy, and even CNN finally gets the facts straight, yet the Mayor VivaIsraeli wants to continue to divide and destroy chances of mutual respect and coexistence for the people of the city of Los Angeles just to gain political brownie points! Shame on you Mayor! Your behavior is disgraceful.

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Huda Shaka` said...

The CNN discussion [as silly as it sounds to a non-American viewer who can't believe they still haven't figured this out!] gives me some hope. The US government is the only party that can put an end to this madness and a big part of the fight is informing the American public.