Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Time To Boycott the Quran

(in context- on your Cell Phones, if you live in Arab nations, and you download the service for Quran on the phone)

With the Gaza Massacre just behind us, and talk rife about an Israeli goods boycott, we got a new company to boycott- Pelephone- news via Fox News:

Pelephone has begun offering a Koran text service that enables users to tap into verses of choice from the Muslim Holy Book at will.

In the U.S., AT&T offers a similar MyFaith application for customers to get daily Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish and and Sikh updates, prayers and verses and offers a social networking FaithBase site for connecting Christians 18 and up.

But from my understanding Pelephone will be targeting Arab countries largely and not the AT&T version which from what I read is similar to the Israeli company but not by the Israeli company.

If your like most immigrant Muslims, then AT&T is just another Zionist controlled company and you will most likely be boycotting it already.


Lena said...

what's wrong with AT&T?

Affad Shaikh said...

its part of the whole telecommunication conspiracy take over by the Zionist..havent you heard about the protocols of zion?

Gary Fouse said...


"its part of the whole telecommunication conspiracy take over by the Zionist..havent you heard about the protocols of zion?"

I assume you are referring to the old forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. And yes, it was a forgery of tsarist Russia.

gary fouse

Affad Shaikh said...

actually i was referring to the idiiocy that spewed by a few vocal muslims in the community here in the US.

It was sarcastic and just as was the title of the post- "time to boycott the Quran"- I mean i am a practicing and quite observant Muslim. As one why would i make such an absurd request to boycott reading, studying or reciting the Quran?

but that doesnt cross over well.

Affad Shaikh said...

forgot to add- those people who believe that 9/11 was a inside job- are also among the people who often in response to anything would say "the zionist are to blame".

Why don't we have a "Little Arabia" in downtown Los Angeles? Response from one of these folks- "oh, its because of the Zionists, they wouldn't want us to create an area of concentration and influence in a city like LA"

While these voices are marginal in the American Muslim community, they evoke an easy answer to difficult questions and deflect the real job of analyzing and developing real answers to the issues the American Muslim community face and in turn the Muslim world faces.

Muslim are all to often blaming others rather then reflecting at the shared responsibility we all have and how to change that which can be changed from within the community.

That would be what my sarcasm was referring to in response to Lena's message because those who read this blog within the Muslim community would get where my comment is directed toward.

Thanks Mr. Fouse for commenting here as well!