Monday, July 16, 2007

"Peace Scarf"

The folks at Little Green Footballs are upset about this: Peace Scarf.

I have mixed feelings about random teenagers who are unaware of the Palestinian struggle donning a kaffiyeh just because a trendy online retailer is selling it. However, maybe it is a good thing. The more people see/wear it, the more opportunities Palestinian activists have to start conversations about the human rights crisis being funded with our tax dollars.

I should also say I'm impressed with Delia's. It's only been a few months since Urban Outfitters caved under Zionist pressure and discontinued their "anti-war scarf," just days after launching it.

I don't particularly need a turquoise kaffiiyeh. But I just ordered one as a means of thanking Delia's anyways and you should too!


Alina said...

i dont have mixed feelings at all--- its awesome that mainstream retailers are selling the kiffeyeh! i see ppl wearing them everywhere and even if they dont know it, they all look palestinian supporters to me! its awesome. ill buy one, too. thanks zahra!

Huda Shaka` said...

What I really like about these scarves is their name. They're associating one of the symbols of Palestinian resistance to occupation with 'peace' and 'anti-war'.

By the way, I was told by one of my LA friends that Urban Outfitters put the scarves back in their stores but just changed their name.

Stay strong Delias!

Omar Zarka said...

assalamu `alaykum,

Unfortunately, it seems as if even Delias has gone the same route as Urban Outfitters :/

They seem to be discontinued.

jazakum Allahu khayran

Omar Zarka

Anonymous said...

they still sell them at Up Against the Wall

I still dont understand what they're about though. Could someone clarify a bit more?