Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Let's NUKE Iran!!!

Extremist Right Wing Nut cases over at FOX News

Thanks to the people who showed this to me. Also what can you do? I mean lets get the draft going, and draft all the College Republicans first, even if they are medically exempt from military service. Lets Draft them first and send them over, maybe strap bombs on them and toss them out of the B-52's over Tehran? Will that work?


Anonymous said...

Yes, lets save civilization, bombing Iran would be a great start!

Anonymous said...

Joe Lieberman is a right wing nutjob? Making a mistake like that destroys your entire premise.

BTW, we know what you stand for (vis a vis your site blog mission statement) and the rest of the US and world is waking up to it to - bad news for you.

Anonymous said...

"We are proud to be Muslims and we believe it is part of our duty to convey to others who we are and what we stand for."

Apparently, being proud of being a muslim, per your definition, involves making defamatory statements against conservatives.
Great way to 'win over' those you think don't like you based on your religion.
Allow me to retort -
I am not afraid of muslims, nor do I hate them.
I AM afraid of fundamentalist islamists who twist their religion to create chaos and promote hate.
I am jewish. My best friend is a muslim. We have a deep understanding of the conflict and both acknowledge that both religions make mistakes. But we both also understand that the way towards peace isn't through a bomb or threat, but rather through dialogue untouched by hatred.
So please, stop making the mistake of attacking those you disagree with.
Start speaking out against terror bombings. Start denouncing radicalism. Start showing the rest of the world that there are two islams - the one based on peace and tolerance and the one based on hate and twisted scripture.
Iran is a real threat to the world and has vowed to destroy Israel and fight America. So why is it so bothersome that the world, a world aching for peace, would feel threatened?
I don't think we need to nuke iran, but I do believe that the nation is antagonizing the world and hiding their intentions, though not well.

Anonymous said...

Mein namen ist Nikkita

I am not muslim, but however, my boyfriend is.

I have done lot of research into this. You nuke Iran, taking out not only terrorist (not terrorism) and also millions of people. What are the surrounding countries going to think about that? Most are going to declare war. Some, they will keep hatred of the USA for a VERY long time.

Some think, why does that matter? Well, China and Russia had an Immidiate veto on that issue. There is always a reason for that which i have to look up WHY they veto for it. Now being careless and nuke Iran then, yeah, It does not matter if we are allied to russia. They will break. Possible that China and Russia are going to be at our throats, which China already is. China has been hacking the USA for years, trying to blow up usa's own missles on US soil.

There are terrorists already in the USA and the US had only caught not even 1/3rd close to them. Go ahead nuke Iran, then it will escilate to where people are killing each other to get stray nukes to bomb each other. USA would already be at war on their own soil battling the terrorists in their own country. We could wake up one morning and suicide bombers running up the street with your neighbors house in flames. Basically what i am saying, is the world would be at war with each other.

Its something that you hardcore USA patriots and blind minded racist redneck rebels do not understand because you believe that the USA will continue to be and stay a superpower in years to come. Those of who think otherwise can brush it off their shoulders, will see if they are living in this world until 2030.

If this world DOES survive around the year 2030, China will be a REAL SUPERPOWER just enough to flick USA off the map like a fly. Do not forget India. Those who rely on technology to save them. technology does not mean crap if you don't have someone to operate it now do you. When that does happen, I will be out of the US by then.

Just keep in mind, You nuke Iran, you have other countries to back them, then you have other countries that have their back and so forth.

Anonymous said...

F-them! If we don't nuke Iran, then they will nuke Israel. Then we will have to nuke. Either way, we need to nuke the anti-Christ. Hell, maybe we should nuke Muslims! lol!

Anonymous said...

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