Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Support Anti-Zionist Academic, Norman Finkelstein

We Support A Fair Tenure Process for Dr. Norman Finkelstein

Dennis H. Holtschneider, President, DePaul University
Helmut P. Epp, Provost, DePaul University
and the Trustees, Deans, Faculty and Students of DePaul University

We are deeply concerned about reports of outside interference into the tenure and promotion case of Dr. Norman Finkelstein, and that as a result he may not be awarded tenure from DePaul University.

One such report is:
Harvard Law Professor Works to Disrupt Tenure Bid of Longtime Nemesis at DePaul U. By Jennifer Howard, The Chronicle of Higher Education - April 5, 2007

We value Dr. Finkelstein' s scholarship, his public talks and debates, and his well-argued, fact-based critiques of issues relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In our opinion, his association with DePaul University has enhanced DePaul University's reputation.

We understand his department has recommended tenure. We will be troubled if Dr. Finkelstein is denied tenure and will be concerned about the integrity of the tenure process at DePaul University.

We support a fair tenure process for Dr. Finkelstein.

The Undersigned


Huda Shaka` said...

The notorious StandWithUs is pushing for a counter petition, against Prof. Finkelstein.
Their arguments are ridiculous at best but they already have over a 1000 signatures. It'll be a shame if they manage to get more signatures than we do...sign the pro-Finkelstein petition NOW!

Affad Shaikh said...

I dont know if you want to label him an "anti zionist academic" does he himself claim to be such?

I think of "anti" and i think negatively or have to think twice about what exactly that means. It might be me.