Sunday, May 20, 2007

At the Rafah border...

Rafah, Gaza

Young children blissfully flew handmade kites above the iron wall separating them from the Egyptian Rafah. Their atbaq (frisbees) flirted in the infinite sky above with kites flying their way from the Egyptian side. "We play a game with the Egyptian kids" they explained of their unseen counterparts. "We meet here, through our kites, and see who can catch the other's kites quicker by entangling. So far we're winning -- we've got 14 Egyptian kites," he announced proudly.The children are small enough that they can wiggle their way through the cracks of the large iron gates along the wall, where once Merkava tanks made their unwelcome entrance to battered camps here. And so they can call out to their Egyptian friends, and learn their names and new kite flying techniques.

Here for more including what the grown-ups were doing in the meantime.

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