Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Palestinian camps in Lebanon under attack...again

"The situation has calmed down now – from a half hour ago. For the past two days, and since 4 am this morning, there have been lots of attacks. Homes attacked. Homes burned. People injured. Children hit. Youth killed. The situation is very bad. No electricity for the past 2 days. There is no water. There is nothing. We don’t have a hospital in the camp. There is a small clinic – that people can’t access – there is nothing in the clinic to cover the casualties and the wounded. The camp is 1 km2 – 35,000 people living in this space. And if you can imagine, 35,000 people living in the camp and their homes are being attacked/bombed. The situation is very bad. And very difficult.As you know, there are attacks and people are getting injured – the children are scared. The young children want to play; they don’t understand that there is a war; they can’t play; there is fear; it cannot be described, it is beyond description.As I told you, there is no water. The food supplies are decreasing. People can’t leave the camp; people can’t come into the camp. And the camp is very small and people weren’t expecting that this would happen; people weren’t taking their precautions [referring to stocking up on supplies]"

Read more here (including insightful analysis of situation).

How much more will the civilians have to suffer? How much longer will politicians continue to toy with Lebanon's stability to futher their own interests? This is insane.

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