Friday, May 25, 2007

In the year that ends with a "6"

Immigration has been a hot button issue. 1776...we saw the creation of the United States and an effective immigration policy began (yeh, being sarcastic). 1846, the US declares war on Mexico and a peace treaty is signed where the US buys what is now California, Nevada, New Mexico, parts of Colorado and also Texas from Mexico for what is now an estimated 276 million dollars- that was a bargain deal! In 1946 over half a million European displaced peoples were allowed into the US with no hold bar...The Immigration Act of 1966 ended the Chinese Exclusion act which barred any Chinese from entering the US and also opened the doors to my parents and many other skilled and well educated immigrants to come to the United States...1976 Amnesty program offered by Carter and once again in 1986 Reagan thought he could solve the program...fed up in 1996 Clinton militirized the border by building a forty mile fence starting at the Pacific Ocean and heading 40 miles inland...then we got 2006 where the immigrants take to the streets, so is this going to be a lucky year this year in 2007 are we going to have immigration reform? Not certain, the bill is far from reasonable, but the Senate has began to debate the issue.

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