Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stanford and Davis students need your help!

I received an email with the below calls of action. Stanford and UC Davis students, if you have more details on the situation please keep us updated. MSAs, please represent.

Students, Alumni, and Community Members are Sitting In at UC Davis!
Today at noon, 15 students, alumni, and community members fromUniversity of California Davis entered their Chancellor's office,refusing to leave until UC Davis commits that both career and studentworkers currently contracted out will become directly employed by UCDavis. These students are still there, and they need our support.Please call and email the Chancellor of UC Davis, Larry Vanderhoef,and tell him that UC Davis needs to give the workers direct UC Davisemployment and refrain from taking any disciplinary action against the15 students.

Support Arrested Students at Stanford!
Yesterday, 11 students at Stanford were arrested for peacefullydemonstrating inside of their president's office. Instead of listeningto their students, and taking steps to ensure that the rights ofworkers producing for their university were respected, theadministration responded by silencing students and having them removedfrom the building. Please call and email President Hennessy to letStanford know that silencing students and condoning sweatshopexploitation is unacceptable.

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