Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Muslim on Oprah

I am not a Oprah fan when it comes to her talking about Islam and Muslims. Her views are very much jaded by this mentality that Islam is something foreign and wrong. Or that is the impression I got when I saw shows with Muslims on her show. However, given that I do think she is a wonderful, generous person who exemplifies what America should and could be if it keeps sticking to its pluralist values.

Here is a clip of Mubaraka talking about her recent visit to the show where she talks about being a Muslim. I have not found the youtube clip of the show, this is in fact Mubaraka talking about how she got on to the show. She did an excellent JOB and I love the fact that she took this initiative.

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Huda Shaka` said...

That's awesome...props to her!! I actually did see the YouTube of her on Oprah a few months ago and she did an amazing job. Not only did Sr. Mubarakah explain her story as a personal trainer but she did an awesome 3-minute type Islam 101 dawah talk.
Jazaki Allah khairan Sister Mubarakah!