Friday, August 10, 2007

Why do Indian Muslims lag behind?

Excerpts from this BBC News article on Indian Muslims below:

Today, at over 138 million, Muslims constitute over 13% of India 's billion-strong population, and in sheer numbers are exceeded only by Indonesia's and Pakistan's Muslim community.

The community continues to have a paltry representation in the bureaucracy and police - 3% in the powerful Indian Civil Service, 1.8% in foreign service and only 4% in the Indian Police Service. And Muslims account for only 7.8% of the people working in the judiciary.

Indian Muslims are also largely illiterate and poor.

They are also poor - 31% of Muslims are below the country's poverty line, just a notch above the lowest castes and tribes who remain the poorest of the poor.

So why has the lot of Indian Muslims remained miserable after six decades of independence?

For one, it is the sheer apathy and ineptitude of the Indian state which has failed to provide equality of opportunity in health, education and employment.

This has hurt the poor - including the Muslim poor who comprise the majority of the community - most.

There is also the relatively recent trend of political bias against the community when Hindu nationalist governments have ruled in Delhi and the states.

Also, the lack of credible middle class leadership among the Muslims has hobbled the community's vision and progress.

Consequently, rabble rousers claiming to represent the community have thrust themselves to the fore.

But the failure to throw up credible leaders has meant low community participation in the political processes and government - of the 543 MPs in India's lower house of parliament, only 36 are Muslims.

The plight of Indian Muslims also has a lot to do with the appalling quality of governance, unequal social order and lack of equality of opportunity in northern India where most of the community lives.

I know very little about the Muslim community in India, so this article was an eye-opener for me. It is disheartening to know that there is a "lack of middle class leaderpship among the Muslims" in India, but I guess that makes the Indian Muslim community just like most other Muslim communities around the world (whether minority or majority).

This is even more reason for Muslims to take the first step, educate and involve themselves, and put their faith in action. Only then can we demand respect from the rest of the world.


Anonymous said...

Indian Muslims are the second largest community on religious basis (over 20% of India's population is Muslim). Now, of course, to an outsider a Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim. But is it true? No!, says Mohib. Here is why? Lack of education is the reason behind the poverty amongst Muslims.
Read more: Poverty amongst Indian Muslims and the Reasons

Rashid , India said...


The Conditions of Muslims in India is getting from bad to worst.

1) The main reason for this is lack of education.

2)Our ulema are stopping us from education . Well how ?

a) In Couple of Bangalore Mosque , I have heard our Maulvies saying in Friday sermon that our community is getting spoilt because Muslims are sending there children’s to school. So the Impact , my friend removed his children from prestigious convent school and has put them in Madrasa.

b)We are discouraged from joining companies like TCS, Infosys ,IBM , Accenture etc because these companies do US and Europe Projects.

c)When saddam is hanged our Ulemas force us to be on streets protesting because some local politician has asked them to do so. How many processions had Saddam taken out for worst conditions of Indian Muslims ?

d)In my life I have never come across a situation were Ulemas have taken out procession for Better roads, Better education and Better sanitation.

e)Only when elections are near by we see our Ulemas speaking about Government policies. And they go into hibernation till next elections.

f)We don’t have a single Tv channel dedicated for this community . When there was a conference in Bangalore to launch a TV channel for Muslims , Our Ulema said that watching TV is haram .So No Channel for Muslims? Well do other Muslim countries don’t have there own TV channels.

g)When a Hindu is born his parents dream that one day he would be a Doctor , Engineer or IAS officer . When Muslim is born in India his parents dream that one day he would become a Auto driver or Open his own Tea Stall or have a Road side Kabab stall.

h)I have hardly come across Muslim entrepreneurs , Educated Muslim Politicians or Educated Ulemas.

e)When Danish cartoon was published , our leaders gave a bounty of 51 cores , Hello can his money be used to provide better education for Muslims ......

Please remember 83% of muslims are below poverty line in India . Thanks to our Ulema .

Modern Education must start from walls of Darululoom-Deoband or Muslims will face much worst scenarios in days to come.

Marya Bangee said...

i've got to admit - there are some major issues with what is being preached. huge issues.

from a female's perspective, the idea of education is superflous as best, and the emphasis is on marriage and housework. these cultural norms completely hinder half of the population.

so many things wrong with their situation...

but it's also the responsibility of indian Muslims living around the world (for instance, i'm part of the Gujurati dispora which is ENORMOUS) to contribute back home.

Huda Shaka` said...

Wow...and I thought the Arab world was bad. Jazakum Allah khairan for the insight Br. Rashid.
And good point Marya. The diaspora should be doing more than sending money back home.