Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Apartheid- a new vocabulary word

Something that Carter, Tutu and Mandela would agree with

In a speech to a Jewish group in London, Ha'aretz Arab affairs editor Danny Rubinstein stood behind his characterization of Israel as an apartheid state.

Speaking to about 100 people at the New North London Synagogue on Monday evening, less than a week after he declared Israel was "an apartheid state" at a U.N. conference in Brussels, Rubinstein said "apartheid" is a political term he and his newspaper increasingly use and he is not sorry for invoking it, audience members reported him saying.

The thing is, Ha'aretz is a widely respected paper amongst the Israeli population- the Zionist here in the States would tend to disagree.


Huda Shaka` said...

Check out this recent post on the history of Apartheid in Israel:

Anonymous said...

you spelled apartheid wrong in your title


Anonymous said...

Islam = Apartheid

Israel = Ironically saving Muslim Blacks from Muslim Arabs:

Even though the Sudanese murdered and abused our Ethiopian brothers and sisters:

Four thousand Jews perished as a result of various diseases and many were cold-bloodedly murdered by the Sudanese.

As a child refugee, more than anything I remember the non-sympathetic expressions, the blatant hatred, the indifference demonstrated by the Sudanese, the simple civilians there. They didn't assist us; on the contrary, they harmed us more and more. They didn't even permit us to bury our dead with honor. We buried them beyond the adjacent hills, between the trees, anywhere, as if our dead were mere animals.

Muslims sure are lucky that Israel isn't like they are.