Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Victory for Bil`in!

A Palestinian protester at part of the security fence in Bilin. Photograph: Oded Balilty/AP

From the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) media advisory:

Following popular non-violent resistance through joint struggle between Palestinian, Israeli and international activists, a court decision has been made in favor of the petition by Bilin village to change the current route of the Apartheid Wall.

The court decision dictates that the military are obliged to plan and implement a new route for the wall. It has been ordered that the new path will allow for all Palestinian agricultural land to be on the Palestinian side. Furthermore, the court has ordered that the state should not take into consideration the area earmarked for Stage B of the planned expansion of Matityahu East.

Although today’s decision is seen a victory in the struggle against oppressive consequences of the Israeli Occupation and a victory for the villagers of Bilin, it is important to recognize that the route of the wall still deviates from internationally recognized armistice lines and is still in violation of international law, resolutions and advisories made within the International Court of Justice and within the UN Security Council.


Anonymous said...

That's what you barbaric Mohammedans have yet to learn: Violnce won't get you anything but dead.

We in the civilized world work through the legal system.

Huda Shaka` said...

That's a ridiculous comment anonymous, especially seeing that Israel continues to ignore the ruling by the International Court of Justice regarding the illegal Apartheid wall. And I won't even go into all the UN resolutions Israel is not abidding by or the international human rights laws it's breaking.