Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day of Rememberance, Day of Reflection, Day of Prayers and a day of silence for Muslamics


Zahra Billoo said...

For the record (generally speaking, i.e. not so much about this post): I think that those who choose to commemorate 9-11 with silence and/or reflection should do so EVERYDAY.

Why everyday? Because a 9-11 is perpetuated in some "far off" country EVERY SINGLE DAY in our name.

If the members of Al Qaeda have splatters of blood on their hands, it is still relatively nothing compared to our collective guilt. Our hands are drenched in the blood of innocent people.

Osman said...

BarakAllahu feekum for all your hard work on the blog.

I am just confused about the silence on 9-11? Do we only observe silence and recognize the blood of innocent Americans? I know thousands of massacres and tragic events have occcurred on other days, so why should we ignore those events?

The Silence sounds strange to me...