Monday, September 10, 2007

Neo Nazi's In Israel

I am always willing to accept that there can be a wide spectrum of political beliefs. However, THIS news story baffles and, well to be honest, disgusts me in that there is no explanation that comes to my mind about how a person(s) can turn to such an ideology of hate and act out upon it.

Israeli police say they have broken up a cell of young neo-Nazis who are implicated in a series of attacks on foreign workers, religious Jews, drug addicts and gays...Eight suspects, all immigrants from the former Soviet Union...All suspects are in either their late teens or early 20s.
The question here is- HOW CAN YOU BE JEWISH AND BE NEO-NAZI? Its against the very grain of what makes a Jew a Jew? (as a Muslim I would tend to think that anyway, but then there is Iran's supreme talk-a-thon who sheds a glimpse into our communities own spectrum of views.)

While I understand the differentiation of these individuals from the immigrant population from Russia that Israel took in- ALL Israeli immigration however, is Jewish, save the current row over the refugee's from Darfur.

These Jews would be the very people that the Nazi's would send off to their deaths, how can one, knowing this still be affiliated or have attraction to such an ideology? (However, for the Muslim community we do have a similar problem, but slightly different.)


Anonymous said...

Simple: They're in Israel and not Jewish.

BTW- Ever see THIS?




Just curious.

Affad Shaikh said...

Thanks Anonymous-

It seems that they were Jewish.

Ss to the links, i am aware of this. And i pointed it out indirectly because that is part (there are other issues) of the problem Muslims need to address.

When we have a political problem which requires talking, compromising and trust building- all the while there are things being done to kill, hurt, destroy each side- people get caught in the emmotions and forget the humanity that we all share.

There is no justifiable reason for a Women- wearing Niqab- to be holding a sign that reads "get ready for the real holocaust".

Emotions, politics and violence aside, we can not loose our humanity and dignity in these times. That is one thing we share.

I hope people can understand that while we at Muslamics might not agree on many things there are things- more then those we disagree on- that we equally cherish, share and uphold. Those are the same values we also are working toward developing within our own community, and hopefully this will permeate outside of the United States and beyond our friends and family.

Thanks for your curiosity.

rz said...

its amusing that 'anonymous' links to little green footballs which can can be characterize as a Nazi site. i don't remember any terrorist group carrying out a mass genocide

Nikol said...

Good point. And what do you think of, for example, Shoher's attitude like here ?

Affad Shaikh said...

Nikol- thank you for sharing what i think seems to be a warped idea of why Israel should help "blacks" or the Sudani's.

While its a debate in Israel as to what constitutes immigration to Israel, I think if anything it points to the problematic situation that arises when you have a state that is based solely on ethnic identity. It is hard to be totally "democratic" because one has to draw the line somewhere.

If I am correct, the refugee's would feel the same discrimination Arabs feel, would either demand for equal rights, or seek to create a subversive culture within Israel. To "dump" them in Palestinian land is probably a mistake, since two things would happen- they would take Arab jobs and livelihood, thus creating a tinderbox situation in a volatile place or they would find solidarity with the Palestinians.

I think there are few places in the world that do not know about the Palestinian cause to not find some sort of solidarity with them.

Interesting to see from the Israeli vantage point, do keep us updated.

I think its important for Muslims to see that their is a variety of perspectives and attitudes in Israeli society as there is amongst Muslims. Or else I fear we fall into the trap of creating monolithic projections of stereotypes and feed into them creating fear.

That is the last thing we need right now- fear of the other.