Thursday, September 13, 2007

The First Six Minutes

I am speechless. Watch the video. But before you do that read the back ground story.

Rehab Kanaan is a famous Palestinian poet who regularly appears on Arab satellite channels to read her poetry.

She was thought to be among those who were killed by Israel and its Lebanese allies during the Sabra and Shatila massacres in 1982. (Which is also a 9/11 story, since on 9/11/1982 the international forces left the refugee camps and what followed was the massacre) Her daughter Aisha had lived in the refugee camp as an orphan raised by other families since it was believed that Rehab was dead. It appears that Rehab had survived among those who fled, but she was separated from her daughter and was never able to find her. She then left the camp and was able to move to Gaza to live with her family. Recently, one of her old neighbors from Sabra and Shatila saw her on television and recognized her.

Abu Dhabi Television hosted Rehab and surprised her with this emotional reunion with her daughter.

Please watch, the first six minutes were the renunion of mother and daughter after 25 years. The rest of the video is a nasheed montage of pictures and video's from what seems to several years of Occupation resistance and funerals, but our purpose the first six minutes are a powerful testament to humanity that has lost its foundation for peace, love and respect. It becomes so easy to demonize either side for the sake of political ends, yet we pay such a high price for this demonization. It reminds me of how we all bleed, feel pain and suffer in the same way- why not work to feel joy, peace and justice the way all the negative elements are spread?


Sarah:) said...

Salam Alaykum

Jazak Allah'u khayran for sharing. Its So amazing SubhanAllah.. it moved me to tears with mixture of emotions.

Yesi King said...

wow highly emotionally charged. thanks for posting this affad. i had to go give my mom a hug afterwards, and thank Allah that i've had her all my life:)