Friday, September 14, 2007

The Very Useful Ramadan Planner!

Click here for the V.U.R.P.
(Jazakum Allah khairan Br. Yamen from Fullerton)

It even comes with quick and easy instructions!

1. Breath!!! You don't have to do everything that is one the sheet.

2. Start with the Commitment page/tab and choose at least 1 item from each category.

3. Highlight each item you choose and move on to the next sheet

4. Move on to the planner sheet and choose at least one item from each category and highlight it.

5. Ok now is the important part! Schedule your the time so that you will perform these commitments or plans on the time table page/tab.
Example: If you wanted to commit to tajweed from 7-8 P.M; you will write 3A in Pen for that time slot. If wanted to plan for a family study circle at Tuesdays from 8-9 PM you will write F-S in Pencil for that time slot

FYI-Commitment must be kept and that's why they are written in pen, but plans may be changed according to your schedule / circumstances.)

You may want to pre-schedule for the whole Month or Plan weekly - it's up to you.

Plan away! (And don't forget to stick to your plans!)

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