Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ramadan Kareem

Prophet Muahammad (sallahu alaiyhi wa salaam) declared Ramadan as a blessed month and that fasting during its is a compulsory act, saying: "The doors of Paradise are open and the doors of Hell are closed during the scared month of Ramadan; moreover, in this month there is one night that is better than a thousand months."

For your reading benefit and out of a selfish hope that I may get some tiny ajar for it, please find below a compilation of various resources on Ramadan.
Ramadan Kareem!


Affad Shaikh said...

CAIR has a GREAT dollar a day campaign, for 365 bucks a year you support the local effort in Los Angeles with our interfaith, law enforcement, community workshops (Hollywood 101 in Hollywood studio's is coming up contact LA at 714-776-1847 if you are interested), as well as our efforts to support affordable housing, access to hospital care and many many other projects on local level!

Huda Shaka` said...

Also, check out In The Shade of Ramadan - Season II: