Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saudi women raise driving issue

Nov. 24, 2007

A group of Saudi women activists and businesswomen have called for discussing the right of Saudi woman to drive cars during the forthcoming national dialogue.

The women made their viewpoints during the preparatory meetings for the seventh national dialogue due to be held in Qasem region at the beginning of next year.

Earlier, Saudi Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz said that allowing women to drive would be approved only by popular request. "Whenever fathers, husbands and brothers ask for allowing women to drive, we will review that. And if they are asking the opposite we will not compel them for that [having women drive cars]," Prince Sultan pointed out.

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Great to finally see the possibility of some internal dialogue in KSA on the issue of women's rights and roles.

As insane as the Prince's comment sounds, at least it clarifies the fact that the reason for prohibiting women from driving is not a religious one and does not stem from any teaching of Islam, but is rather a purely cultural thing.

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